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IPitomy Phones
The IP620-BG is IPitomy's flagship phone. It has a brilliant color display, Two Gigabit Ethernet connections; one for the phone and the other for aPC. The IP620-BG has 8 SIP account keys which can be used as individual SIP accounts or as feature keys. In addition to the 8 feature/Account keys, the IP620-BG supports another 32 feature keys that can be used for features and busy light keys so a user can monitor the status of other users. The additional 32 keys are accessed by pressing the right arrow key. This provides a massive amount of additional functionality without using up and additional desk space.

The IP620-BG is also compatible with IPitomy's IPX-32 expansion module. The expansion module can support up to 32 feature keys. Up to 3 expansion modules are supported. 

The IP620-BG has a headset jack and is compatible with just about any wired headset with an RJ9 connector. With the additional of an optional headset module, the IP620-BG supports Bluetooth headsets and Electronic Hook Switch integration for Plantronics and Jabra wireless headset. The headset module is all you need for wireless headset integration and eliminates the need for a headset lifter.
The IP320 V3 is the latest version of our historically most popular product. With 12 buttons for feature keys, it is an IP phones that has a lot in common with traditional desktop phones. Feature keys can be programmed with busy lamp keys to monitor the availablity of other users on the system. The high quality speakerphone adds to the well rounded functionalty. The high definition voice and adjustable stand are both reasons that add to its incredible popularity.

IP290 Features

  128 X 64 Graphic LCD
  4 Soft Keys
  2 SIP Accounts
  XML Phone Book
  Two Poisition Stand
  Designed for Public Areas
  High Definition Voice
  Headset Port
  Power Over Ethernet
  Integrated Wall Mount