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Introducing IPitomy1a new way to purchase an IP phone system from IPitomy Communications. 
IPitomy 1 is a package of hardware, services and support from IPitomy, a leader in VoIP products, services and support. The future of business telecommunications is here.

IPitomy is a telecommunications cloud for your office. The core of the system is the IPitomy IP PBX System. With tons of features, there are few systems that compare to the quality and performance of IPitomy. Add to that the services provided by IPitomy's global telecommunications network. The network provides high quality calling services that replace the antiquated old telephone services of the past. All of the quality in the world is useless without world class support. IPitomy1 packages all of these into one incredible low priced package.

Low Price
IPitomy1 pricing is amazing. The cost is low, the products are outstanding and the service is as good as it gets; far better than the old fashioned unresponsive phone or cable company. Since IPitomy develops the PBX and is the VoIP Network provider, you save big on combining our services with our products. IPitomy reduces costs by not having high third party costs and is able to pass those costs on to our customers - without sacrificing quality!
Unlimited Calling
Every IPitomy unlimited phone line (SIP Trunk) comes with unlimited calling in the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Additional international calling is available at a very competitive price.
Redundancy - Disaster Recovery
The IPitomy cloud has a huge advantage over the old fashioned phone services. IPitomy includes a disaster forwarding feature that sends calls to alternate numbers in the case of a weather emergency, fire or any other reason your connection is lost.
How it works
Dual Communications will work with you to select the appropriate phones and PBX for your company. Here is an example of a typical 10 phone system:
IPitomy Small Office PBX
10 T29 Executive Phones 
Unlimited SIP Trunks Up to 8 simultaneous calls
5 year Warranty 
Local Dealer & Factory Support
Free Software Updates
Fixed Price for 60 Months
No out of pocket costs

$240.00 Per Month
Typical PBX System with 10 Phones             $5,000.00       
5 Phone Lines @ $50/Line                               $250.00 Per Month
Fees for long distance                                    $100.00 Per Month
IPitomy1 Advantages
Reduces monthly expenses significantly while adding features and more phone lines.
No out of pocket costs for PBX and phones - Included in the monthly cost.
5 Year warranty included. Total Investment Protection.
Disaster Recovery and Software Updates Included.
1 Single Payment 
After financing of PBX and phones, the equipment belongs to the owner for a $1 buyout. 
The monthly costs reduce to $94 per month for the SIP trunks services.